Silicone Magic Cleaning Gloves

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Silicone rubber cleaning gloves *as seen on TV.

  • 100% silicone cleaning gloves
  • With scrubby silicone bristles on palms
  • For thorough yet gentle scouring
  • Ideal for washing-up and cleaning
  • Also great for removing fluff
  • Dishwasher safe and hygienic
  • Multiple colours available

Silicone Scrubby Cleaning Gloves – 1 Pair

They may look like ordinary washing-up gloves from a distance, but take a closer look at this pair of magic Silicone Cleaning Gloves and you’ll discover they’re not your average sink-side helpers. Combining washing-up gloves with a silicone scourer, these brightly coloured, flexible gloves are fantastic for cleaning all around the home.

Silicone bristles

Made from 100% silicone, the palms and fingers on one side of these versatile gloves are covered with soft little silicone bristles that scrub thoroughly but are gentle enough not to damage sensitive coatings on pots, pan and bathroom surfaces, making them a great alternative to harsh scouring pads, while on the other side, little raised 'dots' help remove coarse dirt. The silicone material is flexible and stretchy so the gloves are comfortable to wear and easy to bend, making them adept at getting into almost any surface or groove.

Versatile cleaning in every room

Suitable for all over the home, these nifty gloves are brilliant for lots of different tasks. Their scrubby bristles make them ideal for washing up plates, pots and pans, but they’re also great for cleaning sinks, hobs, worktops and bathroom surfaces, and the flexible silicone fingers make it easy to clean those fiddly bits such as around taps and inside sink overflow holes.

These no-end-to-their-talents gloves can also be used as a lint brush for removing hair, fluff and lint from fabrics, for lifting pet hair off furniture – simply run them over the fabric surface, then pull off the collected hair and dispose of it – and are handy for gently brushing the nap on velvet sofas too. They’ll even make short work of cleaning soil-covered potatoes and other root veg.


As silicone is non-stick, stain-resistant and odourless, dirt doesn’t stick to these gloves, meaning there’s no breeding ground for bacteria and odours to live in, so they last far longer than regular difficult-to-keep-clean sponges and scourers. These gloves are easy to clean after use – simply wash with a mild detergent under warm running water, or pop them in the dishwasher for a hygienic clean. They even have hanging hooks for easy storage.

One size.

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